Our Services
Share Registrar


Corplink (Private) Limited is registered with SECP as an authorized and approved Balloter and Transfer Agent under the Share Registrar and Balloters Regulations, 2017 issued by SECP. We provide comprehensive services, encompassing maintenance, registration, verification, and direct interaction with your shareholders.

Licensed Balloter for Initial Public Offers (IPOs)

Act as Balloter for IPOs

Close contact with all stakeholders for due IPO processes

Scrutinize IPO applications and allotment of new shares

Comply with due regulatory requirements

Supply of attachments for reporting
to concerned authorities

Statutory Reporting

Regulatory reporting with SECP and PSX

Maintaining and providing the following regulatory reports in specified formats to all clients for onwards submission with SECP, PSX & CDC:

– Form A, SMBO attachments
– Quarterly / Annual Free Float
– Pattern of Shareholding (Form 34)
– Half yearly / Annual RTA reconciliations
– Any other reports

Share Registrar / Transfer Agent (RTA)

Maintenance of computerized security holder registers

Processing of transfer / transmission of physical securities

Maintenance of specimen signatures in physical and digital form

Issuance of duplicate share certificates after ensuring regulatory requirements

Other RTA services and compliance

Bulk Dispatches and Emails

Dispatch notices and reports to at discounted rates

Providing mailing list on adhesive labels

Liaison with printer and courier companies / post office for dispatches

Send bulk emails to shareholders with excellent delivery percentage

Processing of Right / Bonus / Dividend announcements

Calculating and processing of announcements (Dividend, Bonus / Right Shares) of companies

Daily liaison with shareholders for queries for including but not limited to unclaimed dividend / right / bonus

Maintaining master dividend credit file for subsequent dividend credits

Reconciling paid / unpaid entries for all dividend / right announcements

Record Management / Storage

Archive and manage physical record of clients at two external secured warehouses for safe custody

Digitize certain records of clients

Extracting physical record from warehouse when required

Clients benefit from our storage facilities for secure and safe record keeping