Our Services
Data Processing & Accounting Services


Corplink’s accounting and data processing services center on robust financial budgeting and streamlined data processing, ensuring efficient operations for our clients.

Bookkeeping Services

Efficient and accurate recording of financial transactions

Experience in working with industry recognized accounting software(s) including Quickbooks

Bank and Ledger reconciliations

Preparation of financial statements

Data Analysis

Utilizing statistical methods to interpret and draw meaningful insights from data, providing valuable information for decision-making

Creating visual representations of data through charts, graphs, and dashboards to facilitate easy comprehension and communication of insights.

Pattern Recognition

Financial Planning & Budgetting

Assisting clients in defining and establishing financial goals, aligning with their aspirations and priorities

Creating personalized budgets that outline income, expenses, and savings, providing a roadmap for sound financial management

Other ancillary services

Payroll Services

Salary processing including managing the calculation and processing of employee salaries.

Ensuring accurate and timely withholding and remittance of taxes, including income tax, social security, and other statutory deductions

Administering employee benefits so management can focus on key decision making tasks

Data & Invoice Processing

Accurate and efficient entry of data into digital systems, ensuring organized and easily retrievable information

Managing the end-to-end process of handling invoices, from receipt and validation to payment, streamlining financial operations while ensuring accuracy of data

Other Accounting Services

Through a dedicated team and network of Chartered Accountants we offer all accounting services so management can focus on key decision making tasks.